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The ManchesterMuseum’s Entomology Department welcomes a wide array of visitors, from scientists coming to study our extensive insect collections to designers and artists exploring the diversity of shapes, colours or patterns of the many thousands of creepy-crawlies deposited here.

An interesting project has been undertaken by the MMU’s photography student Renata Lazdauskiene. Renata was first influenced by the art-work of the photographer Nigel Shafran and started exploring the indoor environment of her own home. Incidentally she encountered several dead flies and took a few close-up shots of them. Renata was so excited by what she discovered that she came up to the Manchester Museum’s Entomology department in order to look at and photograph more insects.  The idea was to look into insects’ shapes and colour patterns and to create their images which would then be transformed in a kind of jewellery pattern. The most challenging thing for Renata was to describe her works in words. But here they are: the examples of butterfly ornamental wings transformed into unusual, black & white grainy and shadowy texture!

A beautiful butterfly, one of the thousands retained in the Manchester Museum

 And two transfromed wings!

A butterfly wing transfromed into a blakc-and-white shadowy pattern

Yes, it is still a butterfly wing with the creature's antenna seen through it; but what do you see in this image?

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